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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

You know you are from Amarillo when ...

Rainfall is measured in hundredths of inches - but not this year!

You can start off the day wearing a coat and by afternoon you're wearing shorts.

An inch of rain causes streets to flood but it takes a foot of snow to close schools.

Friday night high school football is a religious experience.

You think one of the major food groups is enchiladas.

The official town "bird" is a helicopter called an Osprey.

You know a Sandie is not a cookie.

You know what "Draggin' Polk" is.

You personally know someone who has flown a crop duster and a space shuttle.

You think that opening weekend for dove and deer seasons are national holidays.

You know if another person is from out of town the second he or she walks in the door.

People are happy if a picnic gets rained out so they can go storm chasing.

You've seen rain, sleet, snow and lightning - all in the same storm

You laugh at out- of- towners who actually attempt to eat the free 72 oz. steak.

You consider plutonium to be good thing.

You prefer to haul drinking water rather than drink tap water.

You can see a million stars at night - from your patio!

You feel out of place if you didn't wear your Stetson to the ballet.

You know what "PDC" is.

You think nothing of driving 6 hours to Dallas just to "get out of town" for the weekend.

You see more American flags in one residential block than you've seen in any Forth of July Parade.

You've never seen smog.

You can see the entire sky from anywhere in town.

On any given day you know the depth of Lake Meredith.

You've had to pull over and remove tumbleweeds from the grill of your car.

A tornado warning doesn't mean take shelter but to go outside and look.

Vacation means a weekend trip to Santa Fe or the mountains or if you are strapped for cash - Lubbock.

You know that the elevation of the plains is higher than the Hill Country

You know barbeque!

People in passing cars wave to you--even if you've never met them.

You'd rather watch a sunset than what's on TV.

You can lose your purse or wallet and a total stranger will return it with the money intact.

You know that Cadillac Ranch isn't a real ranch.

You can go to the symphony, the ballet, a country & western concert, a rodeo and a parade and a tractor pull -in one weekend and still make it to church on Sunday.

You've had several friends move off and move back within a couple of months.

Your new dream car is an old pickup truck.

You feel claustrophobic in the mountains.

You have prairie dogs digging in your front yard.

You know someone who works at Pantex, Bell or Tyson.

When the wind blows from the southwest you know what that smell is.

You know what a "Sonic bird" is.

The wind is blowing twenty and you think its a calm day.

You have a perpetual farmer's tan - even in winter.

You think the hail dents in your car are a badge of honor.

You know someone named, Slick, Bubba, Slim or Dubya.

You've ever answered a question with "Do what?"

When an out-of-towner asks for directions you reply "You caint get there from here."

You not only know who Rick Husband is - you went to school with him.

You cant wait for the annual tractor show.

You go out of your way to dodge the rattlesnake in the highway.

Looking for something to do - you decide to go for a ride around Loop 335.

You know the best time to go to Walmart is during a Cowboy's game.

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