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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dog owner claims animal control abused her dog - not the case says Vet

AMARILLO, TEXAS -- An Amarillo dog-owner is breathing a sigh of relief after it was confirmed by a veterinarian that her dog was not abused by Animal Control officials.
Cassie Sims said Amarillo Animal Control picked up her 3-year-old Australian Shepherd, named Auston, on Tuesday because he escaped from her family's backyard.
"I got home from work and there was a note that my dog had been picked up," she said. "The pound had picked up Auston."
When Cassie went to retrieve her four-legged friend, she was surprised to see him covered in blood.
"There was blood dripping everywhere," Cassie said. "It looked like a slaughterhouse."
Cassie said she believed her dog was possibly abused by Animal Control officials because she found wounds on his chest and his nose and mouth were bleeding.
"It's like they had just flung him trying to get him in the cage."
Animal Control said the injuries were not from any sort of abuse, but instead caused from a staff that officers use to restrain animals.
"They got one of the animals (Auston) on the end of a staff and the dog fought the staff, bit the staff, punctured its toungue or lip and probably banged its nose on the end of the staff," said Animal Control Executive Director Mike McGee.
The staff is used to protect both the animals and the Animal Control officers, McGee said.
McGee said Animal Control paid for a vet examination on Auston. He said he specifically asked the vet, Auston's local vet, to check the dog for any signs of abuse.
Results of the examination concluded the dog did not suffer any type of injuries from any sort of abuse, McGee said.
Cassie said she is content with the outcome and glad her dog was not abused.
As for Auston, Cassie said he is doing fine and getting back to normal.
She said her family now plans to ugrade their fence to ensure their pets do not escape again.

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