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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Burglars busted ...

On 5-13-12, at about 4:40 AM, officers saw a black Dodge SUV type vehicle driving southbound in the 1500 block of S. Bell at a high rate of speed.

 As the officers continued to watch the vehicle, they were dispatched to the Kensington Apartments at 1524 Bell on a burglary of the office.

 A witness reportedly heard glass break, people talking, and then saw a black vehicle shaped like an SUV leave the lot at a high rate of speed. An officer stopped the vehicle in the 4300 block of W. IH-40. The driver was a female, and there were two passengers, a male and a female. The officer saw papers and checks from the Kensington Apartments.

 They also saw a damaged mail slot face plate in the vehicle. Two of the people in the car had fresh cuts on their hands. Officers sent to the burglary confirmed that the apartment’s office had been burglarized. They found a window broken out and the front door had been pried open.

 The night drop box was been broken open. Ashley Radawn Stauder WF 21 and Michael Christopher Bailey WM 25 of Amarillo were arrested and booked into the Potter Co. Detention Center for burglary. The female passenger in the car was released pending investigation.                                                                                    

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