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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

APD releases details on Memorial Day aggravated assault on Columbine/Gardenia

On 5-28-12, at 8:40 PM, officers were sent to 1318 Columbine on a reported aggravated assault. Officers found two men injured and being treated outside that home.

 One was an Asian male age 36. An officer said that this man appeared to be unconscious and may have suffered some type of head injury.

 The second man, an Asian male age 17, had multiple facial lacerations. Initial information provided to officers was that brass knuckles were used in the fight in which the men were involved. One witness later mentioned clubs and sticks.

 Both men were being treated by paramedics and the unconscious man was transported to a local hospital. Officers found that the two men had been at a party at 1424 Gardenia. There was some type of verbal dispute or argument, and a fight involving the two men and an unknown number of other people broke out. The two men sustained their injuries during the fight.

 The initial information is that the fight happened inside the home. The two injured men apparently drove from the Gardenia address to the home on Columbine. Officers and investigators went to the Gardenia address and found several people still there, but others involved may have left before officers arrived. The officers secured consent and searched the home.

 At least three people were taken to the APD to be interviewed. Everyone was later released without charges and there have been no arrests. The most severely injured man’s condition was initially described as life-threatening. Investigators later learned the injuries were probably not life-threatening. They are in the process of verifying the man’s current condition at the time of this release. No names have been released pending additional investigation.                                                                                                                                      

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