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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Firework Amnesty Program

The City of Amarillo and Potter & Randall Counties have implemented a firework amnesty program. Call 378-9092.

The City of Amarillo and Potter & Randall County are implementing a Firework Amnesty program. The amnesty program allows citizens of both Potter & Randall Co and City of Amarillo residents to legally and properly dispose of fireworks. Citizens are encouraged to call (806) 378-9092 provide your name, telephone number and address.

An officer will contact the individual and schedule a pick up. The amnesty program also allows for a resident to dispose of small arms ammunition, primers, powder and other propellants. DO NOT transport these items to your local fire station or law enforcement department. Officers will come to your residence and pick up and dispose of the items at no cost to the homeowner.


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