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Monday, June 20, 2011

Amarillo's 4th of July celebration will feature lasers and helicopters!


-- Letting go of Amarillo's traditional 4th of July fireworks show might be tough but don't worry, something new and exciting is taking it's place. Amarillo Globe News and Amarillo National Bank announced this morning that this year instead of fireworks, residents get to be a part of a customized symphony performance and laser light show.

"Something new, something different and something safe. This year our sponsorship will help support the Amarillo Symphony and a new world class, state of the art, laser light show", said Vice President of Amarillo National Bank William Ware.

The show will be held in John S. Stiff Memorial Park on July 4th beginning at 5 o'clock. The celebration will be filled with music, vendors and entertainment galore, and the laser show, which will be displayed on a gigantic 40 ft. screen, is said to be one of the best in the world.

"They've done laser shows all over the world for top performers and for world class events. So, we're excited and lucky to have them in Amarillo", said Ware.

So maybe it's not the normal fireworks display we're used to but this fantastical way of celebrating is nothing short of a unique and awe-inspiring way to get together to honor our red, white and blue.

This year you need to be there and that's what's going to make it more fun is to have everybody together in an environment that's truly amazing. This is an example our everybody in our community coming together, focusing on safety, honoring the firefighters and of course really celebrating a wonderful day", said Ware.

Along with lasers, music and food, citizens will have the chance to chat with several VIP pilots flown in by Bell Helicopters. Admission will cost $3.

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