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Monday, March 14, 2011

Spectres over Amarillo ...

Residents may notice a little more action in the night sky in the next month. That's because crews from the U.S. Air Force Weapons School AC-130 Weapons Instructor Course will be performing night training missions at Cannon Air Force Base.

The missions will involve both ground and air movements around the area, including Clovis, Portales, Elida and Amarillo. They are scheduled to take place between 8 p.m. And 1 a.m.

Here is the schedule and locations of the missions according to a news release:

• March 14 - Clovis

• March 16 - Portales

• March 21 - Elida

• March 23 - Amarillo

Notes: The bulk of Cannon's C-13Os are the modified MC-130Ws known as "Dragon Spear." They have twelve so far.Mods include sensor upgrades, the integration of a standoff precision-guided munitions system and supporting 30 mm gun, a new sensor operator console as well as new communication equipment and flight deck hardware.

The exercise over Amarillo is part of "Emerald Warrior"

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