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Monday, March 21, 2011

Amarillo is ranked as in top ten happy places to live.

KVII: AMARILLO, TEXAS -- This weekend Amarillo was honored by bring ranked in the top 10 smallest but happiest cities in America.

After telling some of the residents about the ranking, there was a little shock at first but in the end the feelings were mutual.

It something residents all say had a lot to do with the people of the city.

As the saying goes, good things come in small packages and in this case it's right.

But what makes our fair city so appealing?

"I think it's a good community to live in, we have everything here, it's kind of small but it's not as big as Dallas, it's just the right size," said George Parrie.

But Amarillo also has a lot more to offer than just the community and it's size, there is also the people.

"You know they're just more curious, they're nice, they're more generous than most places, they seem to care and they like to have fun," said James Falkey.

"Everyone's super nice and there's always something to do, it's nice other than the wind but you learn to love that," said Cristall Cann.


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