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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snow totals!

Connect Amarillo:

A generous portion of snow fell across much of the High Plains today, much to the delight of many Texans! As far as moisture goes, in a typical La Nina season, the southwestern portions of the nation are warmer, and drier than average. However, after today's snow melts, we may find ourselves wetter than average! (keep in mind... It's only February)

As of noon, reports in from the National Weather service show that Amarillo received about 3 inches of snow, with perhaps a little more accumulation possible through 3pm. Dawn, Hereford, Pampa, Claude, Miami, Canyon, Panhandle, Texline, as well as Boise City Oklahoma, and Clovis, New Mexico all report 3 inches of snow. Here in the Texas panhandle, so far the heaviest total was reported in

Vega at 4 inches. However, according to reports in from Portales, 5 inches were measured. In general, anywhere from 1- 5 inches of snow fell across portions of the High Plains with more rain than snow reported across the southeastern portions of the Texas Panhandle. The heaviest snow did fall, exactly where we thought it would. Finally, we come to an end to this seemingly endless dry spell!

As far as the rest of the afternoon is concerned snowfall will come to an end gradually, possibly turing over to light rainfall before ending entirely tonight.

In general, most sites across the area received .01- .30 inches of measurable rainfall/melted down snow.

Our next best chance for more snow will come Tuesday night through Wednesday this week.

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