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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Record Lows to Record Highs!

By Janelle Stecklein and Yann Ranaivo

It was an 87-degree about-face, and by almost every account, one decidedly in the right direction.

Last Thursday, Feb. 10, the mercury hit a record low of minus 6 for that date in Amarillo, according to the National Weather Service. On Wednesday, six days later, temperatures shot up to 81, a record high for the date.

"It's one of the most dramatic turnarounds I've ever seen," said KFDA NewsChannel 10 Meteorologist "Doppler" Dave Oliver, who has been on-air for 25 years.

In fact, it was the third largest six-day turnaround on record in Amarillo, according to the National Weather Service. From Jan. 26, 1951, to Feb. 1, 1951, temperatures plunged 90 degrees, from 76 to minus 14. The next biggest turn happened from Jan. 27, 1963, to Feb. 1, 1963, when temperatures rocketed from zero to 88.

Those shifts - and Wednesday's - topped by far anything Oliver could recall. The biggest he remembered was a 66-degree drop. He also said he remembered temperatures falling from 100 to 35 in two weeks in September 1995.


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