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Monday, January 10, 2011

Canadian Rivers Sand Drags endangered??

This just in:

AMARILLO, TEXAS -- UPDATE: Updating a story we brought you Sunday night, the Sand Drags will go on this year. There was uncertainty about the event's future because of the Mass Gathering Act. The act requires that the event organizer provide certain amenities, like bathroom facilities, to large public event.

The Potter County Commission granted a Mass Gathering permit to allow the event to continue it's nearly 40 year history. The price of the permit was $25.00

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Matt Hamilton reports

AMARILLO, TEXAS -- The sand drags are an annual event that have been going on at the Canadian River for almost 40 years come February. But this years event is in jeopardy of not happening.

The reason? Potter County wants them to get a mass gathering permit. They didn't have to get one last year because it was waived, do to the permit process and paper work.

They do expect the permit to be cleared through Potter County Monday, but there is always the chance that the application could be turned down. If that does happen, it could mean bad news for business.

"It brings a lot of money to the area both in food and beverage, lodging, there's just hundreds of dollars that get spent just for this one weekend. It would be a travesty to get something like this to not continue," said Brian Wallace, Texas Off Roader's Association Vice President.

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