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Monday, January 24, 2011

Amarillo getting IMAX theater!


--It's something that has taken years to make its way to Amarillo, up until now the closest IMAX theater was in Lubbock, but now Amarillo will be one of the newest places in the United States to get an IMAX theater.

Thursday morning, we learned of the exciting news that our city will join two others in the country to get an IMAX, Eugene, Oregon and Shreveport, Louisiana.

Construction is scheduled to start this month at the United Artists Theater, on West Amarillo Boulevard. We've been told the theater will be renovated for the new IMAX, which means a new convex screen and sound system.

It's the kind of premiere that just about everyone is excited to hear about.

"It's a unique entertainment opportunity to have an IMAX. IMAX was originally for educational films less and less now, so now it's mostly Hollywood films...those get ported over to IMAX format. Still some wonderful films get made," said Joe Hastings, Executive Director of the Discovery Center.

According to Regal Entertainment, when possible the new IMAX will also show IMAX 3D.

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