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Monday, June 11, 2012

Lawyer cyclist killed just outside of Amarillo

Amarillo Lawyer Jeff Tankersley was killed Sunday afternoon when a vehicle struck him while he was riding his bicycle down South Dowell Road.
The driver of the vehicle was 20-year-old Brent Kyle Browning.
Tankersley had already passed away when law enforcement arrived at the scene, and Browning did not sustain serious injures, officials said.
Troopers are investigating to see if drugs, alcohol or texting and (or) reckless driving were factors in the accident.
Details of the incident have not yet been released; Pronews 7 will post updates as they are received.
Editors note: Considerable confusion still surrounds the details of this tragic incident. There were reports overheard on the scanner (and from those on the scene)  the driver of the vehicle was possibly texting while driving and that a 20 year old woman in the vehicle was transported to the hospital with serious injuries that occurred when the cyclist crashed through the windshield. 
APD told the press this was the case - but DPS press releases say nothing about another person being injured. 

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