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Monday, March 26, 2012

BPI suspends operation - 200 workers out of work due to pink slime backlash.

AMARILLO, TEXAS -- Beef Products Inc.,(BPI) is suspending operations at its Amarillo plant amid a public outcry about "pink slime."

That means more than 200 families will be affected by the cuts.

The Amarillo plant is one of three plants where operations are being suspended. The suspension will take effect immediately, BPI said at a press conference Monday morning.

"Pink slime" is a low-cost beef filler that has become the target of activists wanting it banned from grocery stores and school lunches. Many grocery store chains have stopped carrying it, creating hard times for the company.

A company spokesman said this has been the biggest hit the company has ever seen.

As for those who are being laid off, BPI said they will each receive two months worth of work paid along with benefits.



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