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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Special Crimes Unit releases detail of 2-6-12 incident at 2809 E. IH-40.

Hi Steve Douglass,

At approximately 1:05 p.m., SWAT officers were serving an arrest warrant at 2909 I40E in the Super 8 Motel parking lot. They arrested Phillip Wade Schindler, WM, 38 years old on a warrant for possession of a controlled substance. Schindler also had narcotics in his possession and was charged with possession of a controlled substance, PG1, over 4grams, less than 200 grams.

SWAT officers then learned of a person in room 223 of the Super 8 Motel who was possibly in possession of numerous weapons. Room 223 is on the second floor of the motel. They knocked on the door of the motel room in an attempt to talk to the person about the report of the weapons. The officers identified themselves as such and a WM opened the door. The WM was identified as Brandon Don Albritton, WM, 31 years old.

Albritton then slammed the door shut. One of the SWAT officers ran down the stairs to make sure Abritton was not trying to escape out of the back window of the motel room. As the officer approached the corner of the building to get a view of the back window, Albritton threw or dropped a long rifle from the window onto the ground. Albritton was leaning out of the window with a pistol in his hand and looked at the officer down below.

The officer fired his weapon at Albritton who retreated back into the motel room. Albritton was not struck by the bullet fired by the officer. Based on these circumstances, a warrant was issued for Albritton for Aggravated Assault on a Public Servant with a deadly weapon. After barricading himself for several hours, Albritton surrendered to SWAT officers and was taken into custody for his warrant. A pistol was found in the motel room after Albritton was arrested.

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