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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Verizon outage in Amarillo/Texas Panhandle prompts stupid questions!

According to a source at the Verizon store on Coulter (and reports from Verizon customers) the entire Verizon network for the Texas & Oklahoma Panhandle is down. The outage began shortly after 9:00AM. The cause is not known at this time but both Verizon & AT&T technicians were working to isolate and repair the problem.

The Verizon store at I-40 & Coulter soon became a parking nightmare as anxious customers dropped in to see what the problem was. The staff was soon beset with stupid questions such as "Will Verizon credit my account?" and "How long will this take?"

"No - you will not be credited (see your contract for an explanation) and "We don't know yet." were the standard replies.

Frustrated by the growing crowd of impatient and jones-ing customers all unable to update their Facebook accounts - the staff was finally forced to post a sign in their window. "NETWORK IS DOWN" which stopped the still-arriving throngs of disgruntled customers from entering the store.

Note: as of 11:55 the network appears to be back up - and the world was saved once again from complete anarchy. Thanks Verizon!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Just to be clear, you could check facebook and email because data lines are different than voice/text signals

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