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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Meet the candidates opportunity ...

AMARILLO, TEXAS KVII -- 11 candidates are running for Amarillo's mayoral spot, and there are also four commissioner seats up for grabs.

Folks in the panhandle had the opportunity to get a closer look at some of Amarillo's future city officials.

"Let the people hear first-hand instead of having to go to the computer -- a lot of people still don't use the computer. So, it's always good to have something open where they can come -- whether they come or not -- but at least we put forth the effort for them to come and hear first-hand from the people that they're going to have to elect," said Iris Lawrence, NAACP Political Activist Chairperson.

For one citizen seeing is believing.

"We all can feel it when we know somebody's telling us the truth or what they really believe in, and so that's why I like to see them up-close and personal. I've always wanted to do that -- I've always been doing that. I also read what their stance is, but I like to see them in person," said Jeanette Wingate, Amarillo Resident.

People here say the amount of candidates vying for a spot is a sign they still want to make a difference.

"I think all of these people feel like they have constituents to represent, but in this type of race regardless of how many are involved this is still Amarillo and whoever is elected will have to represent Amarillo," said Lawrence.

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