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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Multipurpose stadium mulled over ...

By Madelyn Bankhead-Vieth
The city of Amarillo could build and operate a minor league baseball stadium that could serve as a multipurpose venue, a study showed.

The estimated cost of building the proposed ballpark with a mix of private and public funds is roughly $25 million, but funding sources have not been determined, said Downtown Amarillo Inc. Executive Director Melissa Dailey.

Results of the privately funded study, which cost $40,000, were presented at a public meeting Monday.

DAI found in its feasibility study, conducted by Conventions, Sports & Leisure International, a Plano-based company, that the venue could be profitable and spur more private-sector development in the area surrounding it.

A proposed location for the ballpark has not been determined.

"I'm really excited," Dailey said of the findings. "Intuitively we knew that minor league baseball could work. Amarillo is a regional draw, and there's always a demand for community activities."

The study also identified three possible independent baseball league options for Amarillo - the American Association, the Atlantic League, and the United League.


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